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3 TIPS: To Support Your Child's Healthy Boundaries and Self-Esteem

Written by Child Expert and Holistic Psychotherapist, Cerene Prince, MSW, LCSW-SiFi

With several holidays coming up, I want to share 3 tips to help you support your child’s development with establishing health boundaries and their self-esteem.


We understand cultural norms are important. However, we can make space within our norms to help children develop healthy boundaries to explore who/what feels safe, give space to feel emotions and value their own bodies.

Tip: Do not force your child to greet family members or new adults with a hug or kiss. Good manners can be taught/modeled with verbal greetings, not physical touch. Respect your child’s decision to honor their personal space.


We understand holidays present an opportunity for parents and adults to relax, eat and enjoy adult convo. However, holidays can also be an opportunity to use games to engage with your child more intently and support healthy development of their social skills.

Tip: Allow your child some time with their devices and include them in a child-friendly game come ready with a board/electronic board game they can enjoy with other children.


Your child‘s curiosity about "adult folks business" is a sign of healthy development, not rudeness or disrespect.

Tip: When the adult discussion is not appropriate, value and acknowledge your child's curiosity then share plans to discuss the matter with them at another time or at a later age.

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