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Walk Towards a Healing and Progressive Life.

Orchard Blue Counseling Services (OBC) is a New York based private mental health practice specializing in child and teen psychotherapy. As a NYS Contractor and Certified Department of Education vendor, OBC provides mental health and wellness services to corporations, community based organizations and NYC schools. Our weekly virtual psychotherapy services are delivered to children, teens and adults residing in New York and New Jersey. 

As specialists in children and teens, OBC curated a wellness community where they can develop a healthy self-esteem and discover ways to manage difficult emotions in healthy ways. Our services extends to adults, as well.


OBC focuses on issues of anxiety, depression, disrupted adolescent development, parental anxiety, strained relationships and childhood trauma inclusive of isms and generational trauma cycles while creating a safe space for BIPOC.

We serve children from age 6, teens, adults and seniors.


Now that you've taken a step to learning  about us, we invite you to

"Walk Towards a Healing and Progressive Life" with OBC!

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School Kids

Virtual Sessions and School Based Services

New York + New Jersey + Florida

AETNA, CIGNA, Fidelis, Northwell, Optum, Oscar,

Oxford, UMR, United Healthcare

Out of Network, Medicaid/Medicare accepted for certain plans.

Department of Education Vendor #ORC532471

NYS Contractor #QR1271G


Our Treatment Methods

We take the journey with our clients to discover acceptance, self-love and resilience to manage life’s uncertainties and embrace its wonders.


We use integrated methods involving:

  • Trauma Focus-CBT, Talk Therapy,

  • Mindfulness-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

  • Play Therapy, Grounding Techniques

Parent-Child Therapy/Parent Coaching

Family Counseling Parent Coaching


Child Counseling, Ages 6+

Teen Counseling

Adults+Women of Color


Other Services

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  • As a registered NYS Contractor for the Department of Education (QR1271G), OBC offers a range of quality and empathic Mental Health and Wellness services (RFP #R1271B) for your K-12 students, parents, educators and school social workers and counselors.

  • Contact our Founder, Cerene to schedule a consultation:

   Text/Call (516) 200-4783

Parent-Wellness Consulting and Coaching

  • As the CEO of OBC and expert in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Development. Cerene offers short-term coaching services to parents to lower parenting stress and improve wellness the parent, child and family. 

Book a "Soulful Hour" with Cerene to discuss your concerns and needs for a healthier family and you.

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Other Services

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Orchard Blue Counseling Services

New York

190-19 Linden Blvd, Ste #A-PMB 1004

St. Albans, NY 11434

New Jersey

335 George St, Ste #4-PMB 1010

New Brunswick, NJ 08901


7901 4th St N, STE 300

St. Petersburg , FL 33702

(727) 222-3972

Contact Us


Text/Call (516) 200-1174/FL (727) 222-3972

Fax (929) 529-7453

Office Hours

Mon-Thur: 830am-8pm; Fri: 8am-5pm

Sat: 9am-3pm; Sun: Closed

Advocates of Black and Brown
Mental Health and Social Justice

NYS Contractor for DOE

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